Bertie County Peanuts (Assorted Flavors)

Bertie County Peanuts (Assorted Flavors)


Now offering seven flavors!

Peanut picking is a busy time in Bertie County. Each fall farmers race to ensure the year’s harvest is coaxed from the sandy soils at the peak of the peanuts’ naturally fresh flavor.

During this time of the year Papa Jack would treat the local farmers (and a few hungry grandchildren) with a snack dug from the local peanut fields. Frying freshly dug peanuts in the old popcorn popper became a beloved tradition, nearly as anticipated as the harvest itself!

Bertie County Peanuts pays homage to this nostalgic treat with our line of peanut snacks and treats. Our products carry with them the fresh peanut taste that is only found in a freshly harvested crop. We invite you to taste our tradition and enjoy!

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