Beth's Bees Local Honey

Beth's Bees Local Honey

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Beth's Bees is a small family run operation that produces local, pure, unprocessed (raw) and unfiltered honey in North Carolina. We also offer Crop Pollination, Hive Rental, Swarm Removal and Honey Bee school presentations for anyone interested in learning about bee keeping and the true goodness of honey.

Beth’s Bees is focused on social and environmental responsibility and building healthy, sustainable, honey bee communities within North Carolina, at the same time teaching the public about the importance of agriculture and food production. The goal of Beth’s Bees is to bring urban and rural together, educate and share the importance of the Honey Bee, to have a positive impact on the environment and community, and to provide an important resource for food and agriculture.

With the 2018 season we are offering selected locations (at no cost) Honey Bee Hive Sponsorship within the Coats, Benson, Dunn and Erwin communities. By sponsoring a beehive you will join the movement to save the honey bee and help ensure the future of agriculture and sustainability for generations to come.

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